Hurricane Bonnie

On August 26, 1998, I caught a NOAA P-3 flight into Hurricane Bonnie just as she was making landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina (as a Category 3 storm). Here are a few images from that flight.

Hurricane Bonnie Track

August 20, 1998 through August 26, 1998

GOES-8 Satellite Image of Hurricane Bonnie at 1245 UTC

August 26, 1998

NOAA P-3 Lower Fuselage Radar Composite of Hurricane Bonnie at 2234 UTC

August 26, 1998

Radar image of Hurricane Bonnie composited from NOAA P-3 Lower Fuselage Radar at 2234 UTC. At the time of this composite, Bonnie's eye was located just east of Cape Fear, North Carolina.