Groundbreaking CIMMS Research Published

mircovicGroundbreaking research from CIMMS’ Djordje Mirkovic was published this week in Nature’s Scientific Reports. His work, entitled “Electromagnetic Model Reliably Predicts Radar Scattering Characteristics of Airborne Organisms,” examines radar observations of airborne animals. It is the first study of its kind, putting CIMMS firmly at the forefront of aeorecology research.

Weather radar is most commonly applied in biological fields as a means for estimating animal densities, passage rates, or population sizes. Upgraded dual-polarization radars provide additional information, like object shape, and are used to identify scattering objects. Such research aims to clarify the behavior of flying animals, resulting in significant biological and ecological advances.

Mirkovic’s recent publication demonstrates the diversity of research ongoing at CIMMS, and exhibits the depth of talent among CIMMS scientists. This work sets the bar for aeroecology analyses, and will significantly influence the field moving forward.

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