PJ Lamb Met Station Installed

met-stationThe PJ Lamb Met Station has finally been installed for use by students at New Zealand’s Victory Primary School. Late CIMMS Director Peter J. Lamb was a former pupil of Victory School. When he passed away in 2014, he left a bequest for the purchase and installation of a meteorological station designed to position Victory School as a leader in environmental education.

Lamb’s gift paid for the $10,000 pole which contains the station’s weather instrumentation. Sensors include a thermometer, relative humidity measure, a joy-oaklyweathervane, a wind speed measure, and a solar radiation measure. Each instrument is compatible with standards set by the National Climate Network. As one of just a few met stations in the area, the PJ Lamb station will provide essential information for local air quality management.

After over two years of work, the station has erected on The Broads playing field, on land owned by Nelson College.

“It was a long, slow process, which Peter would have found frustrating, but at long last the Lamb Met Station is up and running in Nelson and it’s had good publicity,” said Pete’s sister, Joy Oakly.