Sebastian Torres graduates from OU Leadership Council


CIMMS’ Sebastian Torres, Assistant Director of NOAA Relations, was graduated from the  2016-2017 Leadership Council at the University of Oklahoma.

This eight-month program offered leadership development experiences for up to 20 members of the university community. Council members formed close relationships, volunteered in the community, and honed skills to equip them for professional career advancement.

“Participating in the Leadership Council class has reminded me that leadership is all about relationships: with the outside world, with our supervisors, with our peers, and with our direct reports,” Torres said. “Not only has the class provided me with the tools that I need to become a better leader, but it has also given me a network of peers from which to draw support  and friendship. Taking the Leadership Council class has helped me grown professionally in tangible ways — I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, I am better at recognizing the needs of my direct reports, and I have the courage to go outside my comfort zone and adopt leadership behaviors that will continue to help me connect with my team at more personal and meaningful levels.”

Sebastian Torres

The program is based on Kouzes and Posner’s five practices of exemplary leadership:

  1. Model the Way
  2. Inspire a Shared Vision
  3. Challenge the Process
  4. Enable Others to Act
  5. Encourage the Heart

The Leadership Council held sessions in various locations across campus. Meetings included guest speakers and provided real-world exercises and tools participants could use in the workplace. The program is highly sought-after, and Torres application stood out against a large pool of highly-qualified applicants. He has been recognized by the Leadership Council Selection Committee as a future leader at the university. Congratulations on graduating from the program, Sebastian!