Researcher receives award at NWA annual meeting

(Photo provided by National Weather Association)

A University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies researcher was recognized Wednesday at the National Weather Association Annual Meeting during the awards banquet.

Stephen Corfidi was recognized with the Special Lifetime Achievement Award for his, “commitment to public service, unmatched record of operational meteorology research, advancement of convective forecasting through research, mentoring and leadership.”

Corfidi said he was surprised to learn he was receiving such an honor.

“The first though that came to mind when I was informed about the award was surprise,” he said. “My second thought was, ‘I don’t deserve this,’ but it humbles me to think folks out there took time to nominate me. This also reminds me I need to return the favor and nominate others.”

Corfidi works with the NOAA National Weather Service Warning Decision Training Division, coordinating the integration of certain platforms into NWS operations and training.

Another CIMMS researcher was honored at the banquet when her team was recognized.

The National Weather Service Operations Proving Ground, located at the NWS Training Center in Kansas City, received the Larry R. Johnson Special Award for, “creating a realistic operational environment to evaluate new science and technology in order to improve forecaster decisions; and for delivering innovative training that emphasizes collaborative learning.”

CIMMS Researcher Katie Vigil works with the team in the OPG.

Others honored at the event include:

  • Steven Weiss with the NOAA NWS Storm Prediction Center.
(Photo provided by NWA)

A full list of honorees may be found on NWA’s website.