Legacy of former CIMMS director continues to grow

The annual Senior Prizegiving ceremony at Nelson College in New Zealand. (Photo provided)

The legacy of a former director at The University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies continues to grow.

Former Director and Meteorology Professor Dr. Peter Lamb passed away in May 2014 but he continues to impact future generations.

In early November, Lamb’s sister Joy Oakly presented the Lamb Memorial Prize. The Lamb Memorial Price is to be for the top Geography student in year 13 at Nelson College in New Zealand. The award was presented in Lamb’s memory at the annual Senior Prizegiving ceremony to a year 13 student.

Oakly said, the recipient wants to go to Antarctica when he studies for his Masters degree.

“It is a real honor, as these prizes are then presented forever, so some are now more than 100 years old,” Oakly said.

In November 2016, the PJ Lamb Met Station was installed for New Zealand’s Victory Primary School where Lamb was a former pupil. The station is installed on land owned by Nelson College.

Lamb left a bequest for the purchase and installation of a meteorological station for Victory School to be a leader in environmental education. The station’s weather instrumentation includes a thermometer, weathervane, wind speed measure, solar radiation measure and more. The station provides essential information for local air quality management.

Lamb was a longtime researcher of regional climate dynamics and took pride in mentoring students across the globe.