CIMMS researchers present at international radar conference

OU CIMMS researchers in Nara, Japan, with peers from Boulder, Colorado. (Photo provided)

More than 20 researchers from the University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies and NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory attended the 39th International Conference on Radar Meteorology conference in Japan.

The American Meteorological Society Committee on Radar Meteorology and Local Organizing Committee in Japan welcomed a broad range of disciplines at the conference, including radar technologies, numerical model, satellite remote sensing, hydrology, signal processing, and atmospheric science on any aspect related to radar meteorology.

OU CIMMS Assistant Director of NOAA Relations Sebastian Torres co-chaired a panel on new and emerging radar technology. Torres is involved in the Advanced Technology Demonstrator at NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory.

CIMMS Researcher David Schvartzman was awarded the AMS Spiros G. Geotis Student Prize during the conference.

Those who also had presentations or were in attendance were CIMMS researchers: CIMMS Director Greg McFarquhar; Jacob Carlin, whose work supports the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center; Alexander Ryzhkov, Anthony Reinhart, Kiel Ortega, Skylar Williams, Travis Smith, Chris Curtis, Djordje Mirkovic, Thea Sandmael, Kim Elmore, Brandon Smith, Stephen Cocks, Lin Tang, Pengfei Zhang, Patrick Skinner, Valery Melnikov, David Warde, Adrian Campbell, Wolfgang Hanft, Petar Bukovcic, Steven Martinaitis, whose work supports NOAA NSSL.

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