ARM Data Quality Office Celebrates Two Decades Of Service


For those close to the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement user facility, an unofficial slogan might be, “It’s all about the data.” But the users who integrate ARM data in their research may say, “It’s all about the quality of the data.”

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, the ARM Data Quality (DQ) Office serves as the gatekeeper of ARM data collected around the world. The DQ Office is based at the University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies.

According to ARM DQ Office Manager Randy Peppler, the DQ team’s principal mission is to identify data anomalies based on quality control procedures and tools.

“Two decades ago, ARM had the foresight not only to understand the importance of data quality, but the need to produce data in a coordinated way across the organization,” says Peppler, who has been with the DQ Office since it was created in July 2000 on the recommendation of ARM’s infrastructure review of 1999.

“Today, ARM’s data program is strong, and ARM users can feel very confident about the data they’re using in their research,” says Peppler.

For the full story and photos, visit the ARM Climate Research Facility. Thank you to ARM Research Facility.

Standing in front of a neutral backdrop for a group photo are five staff members of the ARM Data Quality Office.
From left to right are ARM Data Quality Office staff members Ken Kehoe, Randy Peppler, Corey Godine, Alyssa Sockol, and Austin King. (Photo by Emily Summars-Jeffries / CIMMS)
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