The University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created in fall 2018 by soliciting CIMMS volunteers.

Diversity and inclusion are core values for CIMMS. We firmly believe it is of the utmost importance to incorporate these values into our work and environment. We aspire to promote excellence is best achieved by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of researchers, research associates, administrative staff, and students by creating a climate of respect. This climate for diversity and inclusion is critical to attaining the best — the best talent, tools, and science.

The committee is charged with helping CIMMS to develop diversity and inclusion guidelines, as well as programs supporting our commitment to excellence and respect. We shall ensure CIMMS aspires at promoting a climate and culture that fosters and encourages mutual interactions and appreciation. We aim to promote ideas and events furthering the spirit, conversation and mindsets surrounding diversity and inclusion to better appreciate and celebrate our differences.

The D&I Committee consists of 10 members, representing the wide range of positions available at CIMMS. Committee members include undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early-, mid-, and late-career scientists. Click on “Meet the Committee” to learn more.

CIMMS and the committee is dedicated toward the above mission and any CIMMS employee may contact a member of the committee at their convenience to discuss any issues they may face in the workplace. Members will then make the committee aware of the situation while keeping the individual’s identity and any personally identifiable information confidential. Employees may also report items of contention directly to CIMMS’s anonymous comment box. All comments are only solely visible to the CIMMS’s Director, Greg McFarquhar.

OU also has official reporting platforms. You may report incidents of bias, harassment or discrimination via OU’s hotline phone number 844-428-6531, or at  If you ever feel unsafe, threatened, or witness any behaviors from a third party conducive to hostility or endangerment — act! Call OU PD’s non-emergency number at 325-2864 or the emergency line at 325-1911. More information about OUPD contact numbers may be found on their website.

CIMMS’s 40th Anniversary Event