New data product offers a more complete picture of storms

Researchers are excited to announce the release of a new, extensive data product that combines a multitude of data sources to help researchers, forecasters, and weather enthusiasts. The Multi-Year Reanalysis of Remotely Sensed Storms Project, or MYRORSS combines individual radar data with other sources, like weather models and lightning data, for a more complete picture […]

Researchers study lower atmosphere to answer remaining questions

A trailer parked in a field with blue sky behind it.

While scientists have learned a lot about our planet, questions remain about the lowest part of the atmosphere where we live. Researchers at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory are looking for answers. Utilizing a series of instruments located in a mobile research unit, researchers are analyzing data gathered by those tools to improve severe […]

CIMMS announces award recipients

CIMMS logo

The University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies has announced the recipients of its second annual CIMMS awards. The three awards are for Outstanding Publication, Outstanding Achievement in Research or Research Support by an Individual or Team, and Outstanding Achievement in Outreach, Education, or Service by an Individual or Team. The award for […]

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Minority Serving Graduate Research Assistantship

CIMMS is pleased to announce our first minority serving graduate assistantship! Please see the devoted page for details – you can find it under the “Research” tab in our site navigation bar or can follow the link below.

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OU SMART Radar Team to Intercept Hurricane Laura

The Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching radar in front of the National Weather Center.

The University of Oklahoma’s Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching (SMART) radar team is deploying two mobile weather radars to the northern Gulf Coast to study the landfall of what is expected to become Hurricane Laura. The project is sponsored by the National Institute for Standards and Technology as part of their National Windstorm Research […]

OU CIMMS launches school-aged science classes

OU CIMMS launches school-aged science classes  The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies at the University of Oklahoma is excited to announce the launch of the virtual learning experience, OU CIMMS Science Class.  The videos are a compilation of science classes presented by OU CIMMS researchers. Each video features a short presentation and interactive experiment for school ages first grade through middle […]

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