The following awards or other notable achievements have recently occurred:

  • January 2020: Best student oral presentation at the AMS 2020 Conference on Probability and Statistics for, “Understanding What Deep Learning Has Learned about Tornadoes,” to CIMMS Research Associate and SoM student Ryan Lagerquist.
  • January 2020: Outstanding student post at the AMS 2020 WAF/NWP conference for, “Environmental Nuances and Convective Morphology during the 30 April 2017 Tornado Outbreak in the Southeastern United States,” by Research Associate and SoM PhD candidate Manda Chasteen.
  • January 2020: Outstanding student oral presentaion at AMS 2020 WAF/NWP for, “Utilizing the High-Resolution Ensemble Forecast (HREF) to Produce Calibrated Probabilistic Thunderstorm Guidance at the Storm Prediction Center” to CIMMS Research Associate and SoM student David Harrison.
  • January 2020: First place in the 2020 AMS ARAM Best Student Paper for, “Drop size distribution retrieval from radar data to enhance the spectral bin classification in detecting icing conditions,” to CIMMS Graduate Research Assistant and SoM student Nathan Lis.
  • December 2019: CIMMS Researcher Alexander Ryzhkov and NOAA NSSL Researcher Dusan Zrnic received the 2019 Atmospheric Science Librarians International’s (ASLI’s) Choice Award for “Radar Polarimetry for Weather Observations,” as the best book in the field of atmospheric science.
  • October 2019: Brett Roberts received a CIMMS award for Oustanding Achievement in Research for software development that has revolutionized the operational capabilities for post-processing and visualizing output from convection-allowing model.
  • October 2019: CIMMS award for Outstanding Publication to Andrew Rosenow and José Meitín for their paper, “Gap-filling Mobile Radar Observations of a Snow Squall in the San Luis Valley,” demonstrating the importance of incorporating gap-filling radar observations to improve weather prediction and observation in areas with poor radar coverage.
  • October 2019: CIMMS award for Outstanding Achievement in Outreach, Education or Service to Tanya Riley for her outstanding service to CIMMS staff, students and visitors with exceptional assistance with travel.
  • September 2019: The American Meteorological Society Spiros G. Geotis Student Prize to David Schvartzman.
  • September 2019: American Meteorological Society 2020 Editor’s Award for the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology to Sebastian Torres.
  • May 2019: 2019 Best Student Blog/Portfolio by the OU Office of Digital Learning to Kevin Thiel for his research website, ThielWx, as “ThielWX documents Kevin’s research on the science of lightning including posts on advanced technological instrumentation, high level science, Python coding, and public outreach.”
  • January 2019: First place in the 2019 AMS AI student contest for the presentation, “Postprocessing HREFv2 Heavy Rainfall Forecasts
    Using Machine Learning,” to CIMMS Graduate Research Assistant and SoM PhD student Eric Loken.

Past Awards