OU CIMMS participates in field research projects to collect a variety of data that will increase our knowledge about thunderstorm behavior, thunderstorm hazards and formulation. Past project information and information on project cooperative efforts may be found below.


Rainwatch: Rainwatch was a prototype geographic information system developed by the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies at The University of Oklahoma. It was operating and gathering data since 2009 for the West African nation of Niger, and an upgraded version is covering the neighboring countries of Senegal and Mali — all with a combined population of almost 50 million. For the full project details, visit


Pete Lamb Symposium: In January 2016, OU CIMMS hosted a unique symposium at the AMS Annual Meeting, honoring the late CIMMS Director Pete Lamb who passed in 2014. “Helping Africa to Help Itself” focused on Pete’s legacy and contributions to research in Africa and around the world. For the full symposium details, visit