Each year the University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies hosts symposiums and research conferences. Presentations and materials from those conferences may be found below.

Uncertainty in Radar Retrievals, Model Parameterizations, Assimilated Data and In-Stu Observations: Implications for the Predictability of Weather Workshop (Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2018)

Session 1 – Uncertainties in Representation of Model Processes

Uncertainties in Representation of Microphysics – Hugh Morrison

Uncertainties in Model Initial Conditions – Aaron Johnson

Uncertainties in Representation of Model Processes – Ming Xue

Use of Stochastic Modeling to Determine Predictability – Judith Berner


Session 2 – Uncertainties in Measurements

Uncertainties in Ground-based Radar Observations – Guifu Zhang

Uncertainties in Products Derived from Radar – Alexander Ryzhkov

Uncertainties in In-Situ Observations of Cloud Microphysics – Greg McFarquhar

Uncertainties in Quantitative Precipitation Estimation – Jian Zhang

Satellite Data Assimilation and Microphysics – Thomas Jones


Session 3 – Variational, Ensemble and Hybrid Data Assimilation

Data Assimilation of Satellite Observations – Jason Otkin

Uncertainties in Data Assimilation of Observations – Xuguang Wang

NCEP Modeling and Data Assimilation Plans – Jacob Carley

Stochastic Approaches in the High Resolution Rapid Refresh Ensemble – Isidora Jankov


Session 4 – Uncertainties Associated with Predictability Limitations

Numerical Simulations and Observational Analysis Related to Predictability – Chris Davis

Predictability and Data Assimilation – Fuqing Zhang

Ensemble Systems and Weather Prediction Applications – Glen Romine

Atmospheric Predictability – Dale Durran


Summary Documents

Data Assimilation and Variational Analysis

Measurements and Retrievals

Representation of Model Processes


Discussion Group 1

Discussion Group 2

Discussion Group 3

Discussion Group 4