Q&A with Researcher Cassandra Shivers-Williams

A Women’s History Month profile Severe weather researchers focus on more than just storms. They also study how people interpret and react to severe weather warnings and communications about severe weather. Cassandra Shivers-Williams studies just that — how the public responds to severe weather information. One specific item she studies is how people’s individual differences […]

Q&A with Researcher Jill Hardy

A Women’s History Month profile Every NOAA National Weather Service forecaster across the nation travels to Norman, Oklahoma, for professional training with the NWS Warning Decision Training Division. Forecasters receive training on all factors, including the stress involved in issuing warnings for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flash floods. Jill Hardy specializes in flash flood warning […]

Q&A with Researcher Thea Sandmael

A Women’s History Month profile Researchers are constantly studying new ways to help weather forecasters utilize the vast amount of data provided by the nation’s Doppler radar network. Thea Sandmael is using her meteorological and computer programming skills to get them the information they need to issue life-saving severe weather forecasts and warnings to the […]